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  • 20 Jun 2018

    Poble Espanyol, cultural trip

    Categories: Monuments

    Poble Espanyol, a mix of tradition and modernity. Poble Espanyol is architecture, ...

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  • 15 May 2018

    Sagrada Familia

    Categories: Monuments

    Barcelona cannot be understood without the architect Antoni Gaudi, a symbol of innovation in construction systems and buildings structure. Without any doubt, he is one of the best examples of ...

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  • 27 Apr 2018

    Do you fancy a vermouth?

    Categories: Must-see

    Spring, sun… and vermouth. In Barcelona there is no Sunday without vermouth. Do you fancy a glass? All you need is good company and good time is guaranteed.

    Enjoying a vermouth ...

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  • 17 Jan 2018

    Jurassic Barcelona

    Categories: Museums

    Trix, the most famous Tyrannosaurus Rex of all time, has arrived in Barcelona.

    This fossil is one of the three biggest and most well-preserved dinosaur skeletons in the world. ...

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  • 28 Dec 2017

    Andy Warhol, the Mechanical Art

    Categories: Must-see

    Andy Warhol, Pop Art pioneer, fills CaixaForum with colour through the temporary exposition available since September.

    Pop Art is an art movement born in the 1950’s in opposition ...

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