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  • 20 abr. 2017

    Sant Jordi in Barcelona

    Categories: Festivities

    Any true legend must have at least a princess, a knight and a dragon. This is the case of the legend of Sant Jordi, which explains how a savage dragon struck terror into Montblanc citizens and ...

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  • 09 març 2017

    Panoramic Barcelona

    Categories: Must-see

    Barcelona is considered one of the most attractive cities by tourists and last year it was also one of the most photographed cities in the world, only after New York, London, Paris, Dubai, ...

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  • 06 feb. 2017

    Ildefonso Falcones' Barcelona

    Categories: Must-see

    Many novels become an inspiration to get around cities, for example Harry Potter in London or Capitan Alatriste in Madrid. Barcelona City Tour presents you an alternative to ...

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  • 04 gen. 2017

    Gaudi's legacy in Barcelona

    Categories: Monuments

    Barcelona would be so different without Antoni Gaudi’s influence. This architect designed some of the most emblematic icons of the city. With Barcelona City Tour tourist ...

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  • 19 des. 2016

    'Fira de Santa Llucia' Christmas market

    Categories: Markets

    A Christmas in Barcelona cannot be understood without the ‘Fira de Santa Llucia’, a traditional Christmas market which this year celebrates its 230th anniversary. If you have not ...

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