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Camp Nou FC Barcelona


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West Route Orange

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9 - 13 min
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Location: C. d'Arístides Maillol, s/n, 08028 Barcelona

Futbol Club Barcelona was founded in 1899, and is popularly known as Barça. The Camp Nou project dates back to 1954 although it wasn’t inaugurated until 1957 substituting the old Les Corts Stadium, which dated back to 1922. Within the installation of the stadium you will find a Museum that boasts to having over one million visitors a year which allows you to discover the secrets and titles of the club, also you will find the FCBotiga Megastore, where you will find all kinds of memorabilia and official merchandise. Why not take the tour of the museum and stadium and discover all the secrets of the Camp Nou Stadium: the dressing rooms, the director’s box, the pitch, etc.!