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Jardins de Miramar


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West Route Orange

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9 - 13 min
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3 points of interest
Location: Plaça de Carlos Ibáñez, 3, 08038 Barcelona

The Miramar Gardens area an integral part of the Botanical Gardensof Montjuïc and are lay out on a large terrace with a long balustradeoverlooking the port, from where you can see a beautiful panoramic view ofthe coastline. Overlooking theMediterranean on the south-eastern slope of Montjuïc is the magnificentCosta Llobera Garden. Named after the poet from Majorca, it contains cactiand other plants from subtropical climates. Its location enjoys a specialmicroclimate all its own, which means that species not usually found in theMediterranean area, can grow freely. Some of the cacti are almost 200 yearsold and come from exotic locations such as the American deserts, Andes andSouth Africa.