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Teatre Nacional Auditori


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East Route Green

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9 - 13 min
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Location: Plaça de les Arts, 1, 08013 Barcelona

The National Theatre of Catalunya is a large glass building that looks like a GreekTemple. It was inaugurated in 1997 and designed by the famous architect Ricardo Bofill,also famous for other buildings in Barcelona such as the Vela Hotel in La Barceloneta’sdistrict. This building has many classical characteristics; the monumental entrancehall contains 26 columns which evolve the style of a Greek Temple.The Auditorium of Barcelona, next to this building, was designed by the architectRafael Moneo and was inaugurated in 1999. The building was designed as a learningcentre as well as a place to enjoy the music. The origins of the Encants BCN market date back to the 14th century, making it one of Europe's oldest markets. It is visited by around 100,000 people a week, eager to find bargains amongst its antique furniture, second-hand clothes, books and old records, or collectors' items.