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  • 02 nov. 2016

    Barcelona, first ‘veg-friendly’ city in the world

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    This year Barcelona has declared itself ‘veg-friendly’, which means that it is the first city becoming friend of vegetarian and vegan ...

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  • 26 oct. 2016

    'La castañada'

    Cathégories: Fêtes traditionnelles

    Over the last years, Halloween has been gaining popularity in cities and entire countries which have its own traditions. In the case of Barcelona, for example, the traditional festivity is the ...

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  • 19 sept. 2016

    La Merce

    Cathégories: Fêtes traditionnelles

    From the 22nd to the 25th Barcelona is celebrating La Merce, one of the most important popular festivals in the city. Barcelona is dressing up to pay tribute to its patron ...

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  • 30 juin 2016

    Santa Caterina Market

    Cathégories: Marchés

    One of the features of the city of Barcelona is its wide wire of municipal markets with fresh products: seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, legumes and all the ...

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