Andy Warhol, The Mechanical Art

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Andy Warhol, Pop Art pioneer, fills CaixaForum with colour through the temporary exposition available since September.

Pop Art is an art movement born in the 1950’s in opposition to the traditional art. It transforms ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces in art galleries. For example, Brillo soap pads or pictures of famous characters such as Mao Zedong or Michael Jackson.

You have probably seen replicas of the famous Campbell tomato soup or the colourful portrait of Marilyn Monroe, but if you visit the exhibition Andy Warhol, el arte mecánico (Andy Warhol, the mechanical art), you will have a collection of 352 real pieces within reach, pieces from paintings to dresses and films.

Silver Clouds, the famous floating metallic pillows art installation, is one of the most acclaimed of the exhibition. This sculpture was made by Warhol in a period he wanted to break up with painting. As he said: “I didn’t want to paint anymore so I thought that the way to finish off painting for me would be to have a painting that floats, so I invented the floating silver rectangles that you fill up with helium and let out of your windows.”

Take advantage of the last days of this exhibition, which finishes the 31st of December, and get to know first-hand Andy Warhol: his eccentricities, his peculiar point of view concerning fame, etc.

CaixaForum is considered a cultural heritage attraction because of its art noveau building. We recommend you to get to its terrace in order to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Barcelona.

Related stops: number 11 of the West Route (Caixaforum, Pavelló Mies van der Rohe).

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