Barcelona, the first veg-friendly city in the world

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This year Barcelona has declared itself ‘veg-friendly’, which means that it is the first city becoming friend of vegetarian and vegan culture. The Barcelona City Council has approved a proposal based on carrying out a program in favour of these eating habits. For example, it has adhered to the “Meat-Free Monday” initiative. So, from now on, kitchens managed by the City Council will offer either a vegetarian menu or a normal one.

If you have never been in a vegetarian restaurant, from Barcelona City Tour we encourage you to go. There are several movements promoting vegetarianism as a way of respect to nature and ecological responsibility, but from Barcelona City Tour we only want to show you another way to enjoy food and open the door to a world of flavours still unknown to many people. Tofu, vegetable milks, cereals, seaweeds, spices… Explore in depth all foods of vegetable origin.

If you want to know more about vegetarianism, take the Barcelona City Tour tourist bus and approach the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants of the city. There are areas where there is a higher offer, so we suggest you to use the official hop-on hop-off service and to hop on and off at the points with more establishments of this kind while enjoying the best panoramic views of Barcelona.

Most of them are located at Born, Gotic and Raval quarters, so getting off the tourist bus at the third stop of the West Route –El Born-Ciutadella-Zoo– would be a good option. There are also many restaurants offering this kind of food at Gracia, where you will be able to go with the East Route getting off the bus at the 13th stop –Park Güell– or at the 15th stop –La Pedrera. From there, you will be able to get into the unknown world of vegetarian food and taste excellent restaurants that will present you unique and special flavours.

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