La Cursa del Nassos: The last race of the year

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Either for sport or for burn the extra calories from the Christmas meal, La Cursa del Nassos attracts more and more participants every year.

La Cursa dels Nassos is also known as “Nose Race” in English. It is celebrated every December 31Th, since 1999. This 10-kilometer route through the centre of Barcelona begins and ends at Selva de Mar Street.

This race is different because it is dedicated to the home of the nassos – Literally, the man with the noses -, who appears only the last day of the year. It is said that this man has as many noses as days are left in the year, so one is left on December 31Th. However, hardly ever children understand this concept and always try to find a man with 365 noses.

The San Silvestre race in Barcelona is a popular way to say goodbye to the year having a good time. It symbolizes the passage of time and marks the beginning of a new phase. In addition to the celebration of this event, children’s shows and other activities are prepared in different parts of the city.

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