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Cinephiles in Barcelona, it is not necessary to forsake cinema to be out and about. Do not miss outdoor cinema!

Sant Sebastià Beach is a perfect place to enjoy a session of cinema in summer. Cinema Lliure a la Platja offers a free session of cinema every Thursday from the 28th June to the 2nd August. This time, we change seats for towels. Some of the movies that will be screened are: Summer 1993, which took three Goya awards, or the animated movie ‘O Menina e o mundo’.

Sala Montjuïc turns sixteen, this is why it will offer a selection of sixteen movies in order to celebrate its anniversary: from classics like Psycho or West Side Story to the latest ones, such as Lion, directed by the director of Slumdog Millionaire. You can complete this experience with the eco-picnic offered in this hall or bring your own food.

Eventually, CCCB celebrates another year ‘Gandules: cinema a la fresca’, this year under the name of ‘Màgia, lisèrgia i ocultisme’, what stands for Magic, lysergia and occultism. The topics of the nine films that are going to be screened are mysticism and spirituality. If you want to know the esoteric tradition deeply, this is your chance!

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Sant Sebastià Beach: stop number 5 of the East route (Platja de la Barceloneta)

Sala Montjuïc: stop number 8 of the West route (Anella Olímpica)

CCCB: stop number 1 of the routes East and West (Plaça Catalunya)

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