Saint John’s Eve

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In Barcelona, summer starts with Saint John’s Eve and its bonfires. It is held on the night of the 23rd of June and you will easily recognise its arrival because you will hear the sound of the firecrackers on the streets. During Saint John’s Eve you will be able to see bonfires and fireworks and enjoy the typical coca, a pastry typical of Spain, with fruit, cream and pine nuts or with pork crackling.

Saint John’s Eve origins are pagan and it commemorates the arrival of the summer solstice. From this night, the number of sun hours per day decreases until the winter solstice comes. To avoid it and ‘give more power to the sun’ people lighted bonfires.

In the afternoon ‘La Flama del Canigó’ is welcomed at Plaça Sant Jaume. This ceremony is not only the beginning of the party, but also a symbol of unity of the Catalan territories.

The celebration is completed with traditional music and the dancing of the Giants of the City that will accompany La Flama from its arrival until the representatives of each district pick it up to light their own bonfires.

At night, Barcelona beach has a very festive atmosphere and it is plenty of bonfires. Furthermore, firecrackers and fireworks have a fundamental role and people contemplates them from the sand, although the bravest ones do it from while taking a swim in the sea.

Take the most of your Barcelona City Tour ticket to arrive to the reception of La Flama aboard the tourist bus at Plaça Sant Jaume. To live this experience firsthand, get off the bus at the stop 2 of the East Route and go to Plaça Sant Jaume.

If you are in Barcelona either for fun, work or you live in the city, welcome the summer celebrating one of the most popular and extended traditions of the city.

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