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Port Olímpic


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Location: Moll de Mestral, 4, 7, 08005 Barcelona

The hosting of the 25th Olympic Games in 1992 meant a great urban transformation for Barcelona.The construction of the Olympic Village or Villa Olímpica wasthe most radical transformation, since it converted a former manufacturingdistrict of the city – Pueblonuevo – into a residential area for athletes and,subsequently, private housing. This major change was accompanied by the recovery of part of the coastline, with the addition of more beaches for thecity and the creation of a new marina, the Olympic Port.This port has over 700 berths and is equipped with a dock – the Muelle de laMarina – for longer vessels. Nearby is a large area of restaurants and two of the most significant buildings of Olympic Barcelona – The Mapfre Tower and the Hotel Arts – which, thanks to their size and meaning, have become two iconsof modern-day Barcelona.

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