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Barcelona cannot be understood without the architect Antoni Gaudi, a symbol of innovation in construction systems and buildings structure. Without any doubt, he is one of the best examples of the Catalan Modern Art, a style which has its roots in the “Renaixença” a cultural and artistic movement which looked for references in the Middle Ages.

Gaudi, who had a determined religious thinking, wanted to spread the ideals of the Christian religion and communicate the gospel message through architecture. So, he designed the Sagrada Familia, an international spiritual centre that goes beyond religious ideas.

The temple hides many curiosities like the magic square, a 4×4 numerical enigma, located just before crossing the Passion gate. The sum of this fourth order square is 33 row wise, column wise and diagonal wise. Gaudi has been related to the masonry for years and the result of the numerical game, to the 33 degrees of this secret society. To clear up any doubts, it is important to say that the magic square was not created by the famous architect but designed by Josep Maria Subirachs, the sculptor who was in charge of designing the sculptural ensemble of the Passion Façade. Number 33 symbolises Jesus’ age when he was crucified.

Visit this important monument, a must see to complete your trip in Barcelona. You can admire its majestic sight and also visit it and discover all the curiosities hidden in this amazing architectural work.

Do not miss the chance to discover the origins of the Sagrada Familia and have an unforgettable experience.

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